21 April 2011

Le Sigh

Oh, my. It's been a super busy week. Working two jobs is not as easy as I thought it would be, especially on top of all my classes. I don't even have the weekend to look forward to because I'm trying to squeeze in so much. There are only two weeks left of class, but they'll probably be the worst of this whole semester. I've got tests, projects, and papers up the wazoo.

On Tuesday, I wore an American Apparel skirt, GAP shirt and denim jacket, headscarf from Cream Vintage, and Target flats.


  1. Girl, I'm tired just reading about how busy you are! Good luck with your final weeks of class.

    I love this simple but chic look. That skirt looks amazing on you!

  2. Thanks Santina! I appreciate the support. I just have to keep thinking, "It's almost over!"