20 April 2011

The Color Purple

My wardrobe is going to expand significantly as I continue to work at Cream Vintage. This dress was one of the first things I bought with the store credit I've earned during my training. I say "one of the first" because I've bought about four more things since then. I'm not going to think about what happens when I run out of credit...

This dress fits really well AND has pockets. The sleeves are a little wonky, but rolling them up fixes that. I can definitely see this becoming a go-to dress because it makes me feel so pretty and purple.

On Monday, I wore a dress from Cream, a belt from Goodwill, and shoes from Target.


  1. I LOVE this dress on you. Looks FAB with the flats too!

  2. God's Favorite ShoesApril 25, 2011 at 11:06 AM

    I love the "swing" on this dress. Looks like you could twirl for days!