29 April 2011

Golden Pleats

I wear a lot of scarfs and headbands in the summer because I don't like my hair touching my sweaty face. It's not even summer yet and the scarfs have already made their debut. That's how hot it's been lately. Luckily, the temperatures cooled down a few days ago. It also brought a lot of wind and that's always an adventure with this skirt.

I should have taken a close-up of this scarf. It has a cool pattern with pretty colors that compliment my skirt perfectly.

On Wednesday, I wore head-to-toe GAP. Well, almost. The sandals are from Bakers and the scarf is from Cream Vintage.

1 comment:

  1. I love the pleats on that skirt Natalie, and you tie it so well together with your headband! What a fun look for Spring!