25 April 2011

Color Blocking 101


Sometimes, I surprise even myself. I found this skirt at Golden Fur Vintage on Etsy for only $10! What a steal! I think I'm still suffering from the shock of finding it.

You wouldn't think a red-orange maxi skirt would be so versatile, but it really is. I've already worn it twice since I got in in the mail last Thursday. I can definitely picture it with a lot of tops already in my closet, so get ready to see this skirt repeated many times.

On Friday, I wore a vintage skirt from Golden Fur Vintage, an Old Navy tank top and Bakers shoes.


  1. Adorable! Looks FAB!

  2. oh great! really so happy you love it, and that it was a bargain! im real thrifty too, i like to keep most of my prices on the lower side.