13 April 2011

I'm a Vintage Clothing Fanatic

Today was my first real day working at Cream Vintage. There's not much to say, except that...

I love it!

I've worked in retail quite a few times, but never had the chance to sell anything that I'm actually really passionate about. If you haven't realized it, I'm obsessed with vintage clothing!

It was a little slow at the store today, being the middle of the week, so I didn't get too many chances to practice my selling techniques. I work both Saturday and Sunday, so I'm sure I'll get plenty of opportunities this weekend. I want everyone to come visit me at the store! I'll help you pick out something awesome :)

On Wednesday, I wore a shirt and belt from Goodwill, a skirt from Buffalo Exchange, and shoes from Target.

If you haven't done so yet, check out Rags from the Past, the blog I'm writing with some classmates about the vintage and thrift store scene here in Austin. 

1 comment:

  1. I love the pleats and the length of that skirt! I've been looking for one in that style, but just cant find the right one. Looks great on you!