22 April 2011

Target: My Guilty Pleasure

I managed to score the dress that I've been obsessing about since I read this post by my favorite fashion blogger, Jessica, from What I Wore. I went to the nearest Target and just so happened to see this one lone Tucker for Target dress in a size XS. I decided to try it on even though I'm never an XS because it looked about the perfect size for me. And it was!

I hadn't been to Target in months, so I went all out and bought this purse and some earrings that look big pieces of rock candy. It wasn't easy paying retail prices, especially with all the thrifting and vintage shopping I've been doing lately. I've gotten used to wearing previously owned clothing that costs about a third or fourth of the price of anything I could ever find in a place like Target or Forever 21. I did get the dress and purse on clearance, though.

On Wednesday, I wore a Tucker for Target dress, a belt from Goodwill, a Merona purse from Target, and sandals from Bakers.


  1. I too have fallen victim to the temptress that is Target. Is Target a tempter or temptress? Who knows. Either way it was VERY hard to resist these re-released dresses. You look awesome in this one.

  2. Tell me about it. I had to decide between this dress and a Jovovich-Hawk polka dot dress. Why does Target do this to me?!?