07 April 2011

My Lack of Photography Skills

Now that the sun isn’t going down until around 7:30, taking outfit pictures is getting pretty difficult. I never seem to have time in the mornings before I leave, so I usually take pictures right when I get home. Depending on the day of the week, that’s usually between 3 and 6, when the sun is bright and shining. I never knew this until I started taking my picture every day, but direct sunlight is the worst. So, please excuse the different shades of each photo. At least the wind made everything look cool!

On Wednesday, I wore a dress and necklace from Forever 21, a GAP denim jacket (different from this jacket), and flats from Target.  



  1. The middle pic is awesome! In harsh sunlight you need to use the sun as a back light and try and bounce light back towards your face. Since your blog is awesome, I'm going to hook you up with a bounce card!

  2. love the dress! such a pretty, soft color. and the wind pic is so cool :)

  3. the dress is awesome and so is your wind pic!