30 March 2011

Dirty Hair Day

I've tried many different ways to battle greasy hair. I have pretty thick hair too, so it's not easy. My hair gets dry and brittle when I wash it everyday, so I try tend to only wash it every other day. But on the second day, it starts to look and feel a little dirty, especially the front part that surrounds my face. I used to use baby powder, but it was a pain in the ass trying to blend white powder into my dark hair. I also tried Psssssst, which is a dry shampoo, but it didn't work very well.

A few months ago, a student hair stylist at Avenue Five Institute ($12 hair cut—yes please!), told me about Batiste Dry Shampoo. It really works! I use Batiste a couple of times a week, so it makes sense that would I run out quickly. I knew the canister under my sink was low, but I thought I could make it until the weekend when I have time to buy another. I was wrong...

I can't stand having greasy hair touch my face, so I wanted it up and out of the way. I've been seeing this hairdo on so many blogs lately (here, here, and here), so I wanted to try it myself. It reminds me of being five years old and going to ballet class.

On Monday, I wore a GAP dress and jacket, a vintage belt from Buffalo Exchange and sandals from Bakers.


  1. you look soooo skinny

  2. hi natalie! i came to your blog via the fashionist. loved the dress you were wearing there and i love this striped dress, red belt, and jean jacket ensemble! i was just putting together something similar last night.

    i suffer from oily hair and haven't been able to break the wash everyday habit. i've tried 1 dry shampoo so far and it worked ok, but i think i'll give batiste a shot as well.

  3. Love this outfit. I need a red belt!!

  4. Boy do I love that striped dress. I'm obsessed with stripes so I may be based. Awesome job belting it.