29 March 2011

Double Dressed

On Saturday, I went to San Antonio for the day with my boyfriend for one of his family member's weddings. I had such a great time that it made up for Sunday being fully devoted to catching up on homework. I even had time to squeeze in a quick lunch with my dad and step-mom and a few estate sales before the ceremony. And I didn't mean to, but almost everything I wore on Saturday was from the clothing swap during the Texas Style Council Conference. Both dresses and the belt were all swapped!

Before the wedding, I wore a swapped H&M dress, a swapped belt from Market Publique and Forever 21 sandals. This is the only picture I was able to get of this outfit, but I still wanted to include it. Doesn't my step-mom look cute?

For the wedding, I wore a swapped Liz Claiborne dress from Amanda, a Forever 21 necklace and (new!) Target wedges. I was really excited to find this dress at the swap. I can't believe it fits so perfectly!