22 March 2011

More Stripes, Please!

As shallow as it sounds, one of the biggest perks of attending the Texas Style Council Conference was all the free stuff I got. This shirt is one of the items I was most excited about because I really do love wearing stripes. Here's the evidence: stripes, stripes and more stripes.

The brand is stripedshirt and even though the creater, Laura Beck, started making these shirts for people to have something more flattering & fashionable to wear to support their sports teams, I think it's a pretty versatile top. I can definitely see myself wearing it in a lot of different ways. I'm already thinking about buying another color. Maybe this burnt orange and white one? You know, because I'm a Longhorn and all.

I unintentionally met Laura on the last day of the conference. She arrived to the panels on Sunday a little early, like I did, and we ended up sitting next to each other on the couch in the lobby of Ballet Austin. She was so nice, she even offered everyone who received one of her shirts (around 150!) a chance to swap it out for a different size or color. She lugged around two giant boxes full of shirts all day just for us! Thank you again, Laura, for this awesome shirt and for being so sweet.   

On Monday, I wore a stripedshirt, Old Navy pants, a necklace from Sassen Boutique, which was bought at Le Garage Sale, and Banana Republic flats.

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