03 March 2011

The Countdown to Spring Break

Oh man, what a week. I've been studying non-stop for my Interpersonal Communication midterm since Monday, leaving no time for picture taking and blog posting. Thankfully, the exam is over and I can relax. Well, sort of. I have to perform and record a skit in Portuguese tomorrow morning and I need to work on my website for my multimedia class this weekend. Then, just one more week and SPRING BREAK! I'm so excited to have a whole week off from school and work. It's technically my last one, since I'll be graduating in December.  

Over Spring Break, I'll be attending the Texas Style Council Conference and going camping. I'm really excited about TSCC because I'm going to meet so many awesome bloggers and important people in the fashion blogging community. I'm looking forward to learning some helpful tips about how to improve my own blog and get more followers. I can't wait!

As for camping, I'm excited and sort of nervous. We are staying for two nights, which is a pretty big deal for me. I'm usually antsy to get back home and into my comfortable bed after just one night. I'm going to have to tough it out, but that shouldn't be too hard. Just being outside with friends and not thinking about school will make it worth it.

On Wednesday, I wore a dress from the Banana Republic Factory Store, a necklace from Mykonos, Greece and Urban Outfitters flats.

I haven't worn this necklace in years. I forgot how pretty it is. My roommate, Jackie, was nice enough to take these pictures and compliment me on this necklace.