08 March 2011

Cheap & Chic

Most of the clothes in my closet cost less than $40 each. Many items were closer to the $10-20 price range. There are a few exceptions, including a few dresses I splurged on (I hate you, J.Crew and Urban Outfitters) and some of my winter coats. Oh, and a few pairs of shoes...but I think that's it. 

For the most part, my style is pretty affordable. My closet is filled with good deals from places like Target, thrift stores, Forever 21, and vintage shops. I go into these stores with a specific goal in mind: to find quality clothing that fits my style for the right price. I guess it's working because HELLO, just take a peek inside my closet. It's filled to the brim.

I love when I accidently wear a whole outfit of thrifted/cheap finds. That's what happened here.

On Monday, I wore a GAP v-neck ($6), skirt from Buffalo Exchange ($10), belt from Wish ($14) and shoes from Goodwill ($10).

By the way, I bought this shirt and most of my other GAP items with my employee discount when I worked there last summer. Man, do I miss that discount.

This is a new location I'm trying for my daily outfit photos. I like it, especially because my apartment is just up these stairs. I've been getting lazy and trying to stay as close to my front door as possible. The only downside is that it's really awkward when people want to pass by and I'm in the middle of a posing in front of the camera. I wonder what they think I'm taking all these pictures for.   

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