12 March 2011

My Version of Casual

I haven't worn pants in awhile. That's a funny statement, isn't it?

I'd wear dresses and skirts everyday if it were practical. It's been really windy lately, so I've been avoiding wearing short things. Hence, the repeat maxi skirt outfits. Nothing is more embarrassing than your skirt flying up when you're walking around campus between classes. Thursday was a busy day and it was also pretty chilly that morning, so this was the perfect outfit. 

On Thursday, I wore a shirt and pants from Old Navy, a Target scarf, Urban Outfitters flats and Forever 21 earrings.


  1. I have that scarf, too! It's awesome, isn't it? I wore it ALL the time before it got too hot. :(

    Anyway, we met at the TXSCC on Sunday and you gave me your card. Sorry I'm JUST now getting to check out your blog! Hi!