17 March 2011

Back from the Boonies

I'm finally back home after being gone for what felt like forever. And I was only gone for two days! The camping trip was great and I only sustained a few minor injuries. They were mostly bug bites and small cuts, but that's pretty much expected when you're going camping. We went on a long hike to a nearby lake, ate some pretty tasty campfire food, and all had really fun time. But after two nights, I was ready to get back into my air conditioned apartment and eat something that wasn't made over a wood fire. 

This is what I wore Wednesday afternoon after finally getting home and taking a much-needed shower. I got this dress from Jenn Cruz from Tales of a Bandit at the swap last week. Most of the items I picked up fit perfectly, including this dress. It has a great 90s vibe, so I feel like a Babysitters Club member in it.

 I'm wearing a swapped DBY Ltd. dress and American Eagle sandals.

Angus! Get outta my picture!

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