19 October 2011

Sewing Machine: Take 2

thrifted dress from Goodwill Blue Hanger
thrifted belt from Savers
Montego Bay wedges from Payless

I have a new sewing machine! Woohooooo! I decided to buy another one after last week's fiasco because there's no point in taking lessons if I'm not practicing at home. This brand new machine is fresh out of the box and sews like a dream. I felt so confident using it that I even fixed a hole in one of my dresses last night. It wasn't a perfect repair, but there's no more hole! I played with it for a few hours until I realized I should have been studying. I have to take my last mid-term ever on Thursday! I have a feeling the rest of this semester is going to fly by especially because I have a new hobby on top of school and work to keep me busy.

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