27 October 2011

Thrifted Treasure: Brown Brogues

I bought these shoes at the Texas Thrift Store for only $5. No joke! They are real leather, so they are super comfortable. I have to admit, I already owned a pair of brown shoes like these, but they weren't very comfortable. The whole point of wearing flats is to be comfortable, right? Otherwise, everyone would just be wearing heels all the time. At least, I would. I figured I could spare the $5 for a better version of this shoe. One of the laces was missing, but then I realized they'd totally work without any laces at all, which makes my life that much easier. Did I ever tell you the reason I stopped wearing tennis shoes is because I hate tying laces? And because I don't work out.

What do you think about my $5 finds? Should I get replacement laces or just wear them as is?

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