03 October 2011

Suzy Homemaker

thrifted skirt and blouse from Goodwill Blue Hanger outlet, necklace from Buffalo Exchange, and Montego Bay wedges from Payless

I have some exciting news...I'm going to learn to sew! I found a very nice lady on Craigslist named Barbara who is going to give me weekly sewing lessons. My first lesson is this Sunday and I have to admit that I'm a little nervous. I tend to get frustrated when things don't come easily to me and I know learning to sew isn't going to be a piece of cake. I'll have to practice a lot, but I think it will be a really good skill for me to learn. As you already know, I buy a lot of secondhand clothes and often take things that need be hemmed, taken in, etc. to the alterations team at Cream Vintage. Over the last few weeks, I've realized how useful it would be if I could alter clothing myself. So, get ready to see what Barbara teaches me in the next few weeks!

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