18 October 2011

Uncomfortable Shoes = Unhappy Feet

thrifted skirt from Goodwill Blue Hanger, vintage blouse from
Cream Vintage, belt from Goodwill, Forever 21 earrings,
Kenneth Cole watch, Steve Madden wedges

I hadn't worn these shoes in a few months, so I decided to give them one last spin before it gets too cold. What a mistake! Apparently, my feet are not as tough as they were in the summer when I wore these shoes all the time. I probably shouldn't have worn them to work, where I knew I'd be standing for five hours. About halfway through my shift, I couldn't take it anymore and changed into some boots we had in the store. I know, I know. What kind of girl can't deal with a little shoe pain? Apparently, I can't. But, at least I put the shoes back on for these pictures so you could get the full effect of my mostly recycled and reworn outfit. Everything, minus the shoes and jewelry, is secondhand!


  1. I wore some shoes that made me want to cry today, myself. Not worth the pain! You look adorable, though...

  2. What a beautiful skirt! And I'm loving your color palette here, gorgeous! xoxo