25 October 2011

Shoe Switcharoo

dress from Thrift Town, sweater from New York & Company,
thrifted belt from Goodwill, boots from Ebay given to me by my sister
Same outfit with DV Dolce Vita Booties from Nordstrom

I changed shoes between class and work and managed to capture some pictures of both ensembles. I wore boots to class because I was walking, but then I switched to my wedge booties because I don't like being shorter than most of the customers who come into the store. More importantly, I've been looking forward to wearing these booties for the first time since July.

By the way, I'm really starting to appreciate the fact that I've documented almost everything I've worn this past year. It's useful because I have proof of whether or not I've worn something enough to keep it. I have so many clothes, I can always stand to get rid of some. By looking back at my blog, which I admittedly do (to get ideas!), I can tell what pieces I actually really do love and which ones only show up once or twice throughout the whole year. It's good to know both these brown boots and black booties will be good for another season.


  1. I LOVE your realization about your wardrobe...blogs can really be little style diaries. And this look is so great for fall! Take care.

  2. I totally love your boots in the first adaptation. I also have thrifted boots like those - in beige and in green! <3 I'm adding your blog to my link list.

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