14 September 2011

Call Me The Thriftmeister

If you're my Facebook friend or follow me on Twitter, you probably already know about my newest blog, Recycled & Reworn. It's a project for my multimedia journalism class, but it hardly feels like schoolwork. It's all about wearing secondhand clothing and shopping at thrift stores in Austin. Obviously, I was allowed to pick my topic, so I decided to write about what I know best. And believe me, I know thrifting. I could write about it for the rest of my life if such a job existed...

On Saturday, I wore a vintage blouse from an estate sale in San Antonio, a skirt from Gap, earrings from Forever 21, and flats from Zara.

By the way, I realize this is not the best representation of my thriftmeisting skills. To my defense, I got the skirt for 50% off during last year's Black Friday, the shoes were 65% off during a sale, and the earrings were probably $5. I know a good deal when I see it.

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