29 September 2011

Tribal Take Two

I wandered all around my apartment complex trying to find the perfect spot to take these pictures. I think it's safe to say I found my new photo spot! It's actually not in my apartment complex, but at the doctor's office next to it. This wall is the perfect backdrop because it had just the right amount of shade to produce a well-balanced photo. Unfortunately, it's a pretty high-traffic area, so it's almost impossible to avoid an audience. Cars were whizzing by and a couple of people walked passed me while I was taking these photos. 

This outfit isn't anything special, but it's very comfortable. I was in the mood to wear something casual and simple yesterday morning and this top fit the bill. Matt said it's looks very 90s and I completely agree. I hope whoever owned this bold, southwestern print shirt before I did wore it with overalls or a vest, a la Clarissa Explains It All.

$4 thrifted top from Texas Thrift Store, American Apparel skirt, Zara shoes.

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