28 September 2011

Jungle 2 Jungle

Y'all remember that movie? I still watch it when it's on TV. Well, I did back when I had cable. Maybe that's one to keep in our DVD collection.

This is one of the three tribal print items I've bought in the last week. Mind you, all three items cost me less than $15 total. This particular dress was probably less than 50 cents, but it made me feel like much more than that. I might not look like 500 bucks or even 50, but I felt very comfortable and very "me" in this outfit. I think that's what matters most anyway.

thrifted dress from Goodwill Blue Hanger, belt from a "regular" Goodwill, Francesca's necklace given to me by my step-mom, Rose, and Montego Bay wedges from Payless


  1. Yeah! I love this dress on you--the colors suit you to a tee. It would be really easy for this dress to veer towards the frumpy on a person who doesn't know how to carry it off, and you can totally carry it! 

  2. Thanks Laurel! I was a little worried it would look too granny, but it totally works with a belt and wedges.