07 September 2011

Good & Bad News

I have pretty sad news. My beloved gold watch, the one I wear in almost every post, is broken. I can try to get it fixed here in Austin, but it's probably better if I send it back to Kenneth Cole for a repair. That means I'll be without it for weeks! I have a back up, but I really do love this watch. I guess I'll be sending it away this week...

The good news is that I can now shop at Zara online! This is the most amazing news, especially because Zara is one of my favorite stores. It's too bad I already spent my entire shopping budget for the next few weeks. Damn you, Gap and and your Labor Day sale!

OK, I take it back. I really do love my new jeans. You can expect to see them in the next couple posts, along with some awesome thrift finds from the Savers 50% off sale.

Last Friday, I wore a blouse from Cream Vintage, a Gap skirt, a thrifted belt from Goodwill, and L.e.i. shoes from Walmart.

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