09 September 2011

A Tad Overeager


I promise I haven't become Elvira overnight! These pants are actually dark purple, not black like the pictures make them seem.

This is the most covered up I've been in months.  I was just so excited about the 10 degree temperature drop that I broke out all my newest fall items from my Labor Day weekend shopping spree. In retrospect, I was actually really hot by the time I walked the 20 minutes to class. It's probably best I wait a little longer to wear these corduroy pants with a long sleeve blouse again.

On Tuesday, I wore a thrifted Express blouse from Savers, Gap pants, and Montego Bay Club wedges from Payless, and earrings from Claire's (where all the other customers were around 10 years younger than me.)


  1. Those trousers are incredibly gorgeous! I totally love the colour. Soo perfect for autumn! xx

  2. Great Shots!!! This is my first time to your site...and I love it. I'll definitely be back!

    xo Leslie


  3. I did the exact same thing this week! I was so excited that it was 90 I felt like I could wear pants for the first time in months! I loooove this outfit. If you're gonna cover up, might as well really do it. Your blouse is amazing. 

  4. I was extremely excited, as well. Too bad it didn't last that long!
    I really like the sleeves and how you tied the bottom of your blouse. Isn't Express just great? And your shoes! Take care.