12 September 2011

Grey Poupon is Da Bomb

I usually don't bother with taking my lunch on the days I'm done with class at 2 pm. I'm usually salivating on the walk home, thinking about all the food sitting in the fridge and pantry. Then, I always debate whether I'll eat or take my outfit photos first. The last thing I want to do is take pictures with a full stomach, but I figured it didn't matter in this outfit. 

I was so hungry while I was taking these pictures, I kept taking bites of my turkey, cheese and Grey Poupon sandwich between the shots. At one point, I was still holding the sandwich when the camera started shooting. The following pictures are evidence of what happened...

I hope you enjoyed watching me eat a sandwich. I sure enjoyed eating it.

On Thursday, I wore a blouse from Savers, pants from Cream Vintage, a belt from Goodwill, earrings from Forever 21, and L.e.i. wedges from Walmart.

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