30 June 2011

Knot It Up


This pale pink skirt is much harder to wear than I thought it would be. I can't tuck anything into it because there's no room it's so sheer. I wanted to wear it differently than last time, so I decided to turn to my favorite fashion blogs for some inspiration. Kendi from Kendi Everyday, along with Jessica from What I Wore and Beth from B.Jones Style, are all more of an inspiration to me than any magazine or trend report. They are all real women who find ways to make getting dressed a little more fun. 

I remembered a recent outfit that Kendi posted in which she wore her t-shirt knotted up instead of tucking it into her skirt. Since my tank top was way too bunchy and noticeable tucked in, I decided to tie it in a knot. What a simple solution! My roommate, Jackie, said it looks like a little rose. I didn't even realize it at first, but I think that's why it works so well with the floral lace skirt.

Any other ideas for how to wear this skirt? I feel like I'm stuck with this one.

On Wednesday, I wore an Old Navy tank top, Forever 21 skirt, the first vintage necklace I ever bought on Jackson Street in Harlingen, Texas, and Bakers sandals,

29 June 2011

Party Hardy

I started partying earlier than usual this week. It was one of my good friend's birthdays yesterday, so we all met for dinner at Moonshine Grill. Mmmmm, I love that place. The festivities included stopping by Luster Pearl for a couple of drinks and then ending up at a house party. It was a fun night, but I'm glad we left early and were home by 12:30 a.m. I've got lots of fun plans with friends over the next few days, so I need to keep my strength up.

I wasn't sure if this outfit was festive enough to celebrate a birthday, but I was already wearing the shirt and shoes. It was easier to just switch out my denim cutoffs for a cute pleated skirt. I think the shoes kept this outfit from looking too much like a school uniform. These shoes, which only cost $4, are one of my latest thrifted treasures.

On Tuesday, I wore a Gap skirt, a Westbound shirt from Goodwill, and Pappagallo flats from Family Thrift Center.

28 June 2011

My Future is Near


I've been thinking a lot about graduation, or more specifically, how I'm not ready for it. At least, not mentally. I've been a student my whole life and now they expect me to just waltz right into a job? I wish it were that easy. Of course, there's grad school, but I really am tired of being a student. I want a salary!

It's scary to think that I have no idea where I'll be next January. Of course, the uncertainty is also very exciting. Hopefully, I'll find the perfect job that pays well and makes me happy.

On Monday, I wore an Isaac Mizrahi for Target dress from Goodwill, a necklace from Target and Steve Madden wedges.

26 June 2011

It's So Hot, I'm Melting

It was so hot outside yesterday that I could only go as far as right outside my front door to take pictures. I even had to take a quick break and duck inside for a few minutes because I was so hot. I was just standing there taking pictures, not even doing anything physically demanding, and I was sweating like crazy. Damn you, 100° weather!

On Saturday, I wore a skirt from Goodwill, a top from Cream Vintage, a belt from Wish (now closed), Forever 21 earrings, and Bakers sandals.

25 June 2011

My Thrifted Treasures

I hope these pictures looks familiar because it's almost the same outfit as last time. I like this shirt so much that I wore it two days in a row. It was probably the best purchase from my recent trip to Family Thrift Center in Houston. I'd been on the hunt for some basic tops to go with my colorful and/or patterned skirts and pants. This shirt goes with everything AND it's sleeveless. With this super hot weather we've been having lately, I only want to wear the least amount of clothing possible. Well, unless it's an awesome colorful maxi skirt like this one.

On Thursday, I wore a skirt from Goodwill, a Cherokee top from Family Thrift Center, Forever 21 earrings, and L.e.i. wedges from Walmart.

22 June 2011

The Purple Pants Strike Again

Just in case you still weren't sure if these are pants or a skirt

Rain always makes me feel like curling up in a cozy bed with a good book. That's exactly what I did all morning until I went to lunch with Matt. Now that it's stopped raining, I'm thinking about venturing out into Baytown on my own. I'm planning to visit the only used book store in town, The Book Barn, and pick up some milk to drink with my afternoon espresso and probably some beer for this evening.

Oh, have I not mentioned that Matt has an espresso maker? And that we will be living together in less than two months, so that espresso maker will soon be in my possession?? I can drink lattes anytime I want!! I love espresso!!!

I haven't even drank any yet...

On Wednesday, I wore a Cherokee top from Family Thrift Center, gaucho pants from Cream Vintage, L.e.i. shoes from Walmart, and a Forever 21 necklace.

Check out other ways I wore these pants here and here.

21 June 2011

Moving On Up

I was featured on the Delightful Dozen blog! I can't believe it! My outfit from back in March was mentioned in a post written by Indiana Adams of Adored Austin. I feel honored to be included in this collection of stylish women wearing the same shirt in so many different ways. 

I got dressed before seeing the post, so it's very odd that I am wearing stripes again today. Coincidence?

I think not!

On Tuesday, I wore an Old Navy dress, Guess wedges from Ross, a belt from Wish (now closed), and Forever 21 earrings.

20 June 2011

Thrifty & Nifty in Houston

On my way to Baytown this afternoon, I decided to stop by the new Family Thift Center that opened up earlier this month. I didn't have Angus with me, so I had plenty of time to dig around the store without worrying about my cat dying in a hot car. I'm a considerate cat owner.

I found some great items, but it was kind of annoying that nothing was organized by size. I'm used to at least a few signs indicating small, medium and large, but everything was just organized by style and color. I think this thrift store might be difficult for someone who can't eyeball their size to really take advantage of all it has to offer.

In the end, I bought two shirts, a pair of flats, a scarf, and a purse for only $20. I'm sure I'll be wearing some of my finds later this week.

On Monday, I wore a Banana Republic shirt, Forever 21 shorts and earrings, and L.e.i. shoes from Walmart.

19 June 2011

Rainbow Bright

I think it's time to stop beating myself up for not posting as often as I used to. There have been days that were just way too hot to get dressed, let alone stand outside to take pictures. Other days just seem to slip away from me while I'm having fun and before I know it, the sun's gone down.

This weekend has been a big blur. Matt came to Austin Friday night, so we hung out with some friends and stayed up pretty late. I still had to work on Saturday, but Matt and I wanted to go to the Greenbelt as soon as I got off at 5. I think we chose the wrong Greenbelt because we kept walking and never reached any water. Damn drought! It was very sad until we decided to just plop down on the edge of some random cliff and drink the beers we had brought with us. Even though we didn't get to cool ourselves off in a refreshing body of water after our long hike, it was still fun being out in nature with Matt.

Now, it's off to San Antonio to see my dad for Father's Day.

On Friday, I wore vintage dress from Cream Vintage, a Forever 21 belt and Sam Edelman sandals.

16 June 2011

Who Turned Off the Lights?

This was my attempt at night photography. When I work the closing shift at Cream Vintage, I don't get home until about 8:40 p.m., when the sun's almost down. I forgot to take pictures before I went in at 3 p.m. and because I promised myself I'd start taking outfit pictures again everyday, I decided to take my chances in the dark. I knew they probably wouldn't turn out very well, but I still wanted everyone to see what I wore yesterday.

On Wednesday, I wore a dress from Urban Outfitters, a Gap denim jacket, Forever 21 earrings and L.e.i. shoes from Walmart.

15 June 2011

Summer = Zero Motivation

I haven't been feeling like getting dressed lately. Unless I have to go to work, I've been hanging around in my pajamas or yoga clothes all day. I think this laziness has really started to put a damper on my mood because I've been completely uninspired every time I look at my closet. That should be impossible for someone who has as many options as I do.

By forgoing the whole changing into "real life" clothes for just a few days, I've almost forgotten why I get so excited to dress myself each day. I think this is a problem a lot of people have. They stand in front of their closet and don't know what to wear because they don't even like what they own. Then, it just seems easier to not even bother with looking cute and put together. I don't really have an excuse because I love everything in my closet. It's just so easy to get into these habits, especially during the summer, but that's not OK with me.

As punishment for my sad excuse of a fashion blog, I'm going to make it a point to get back in the habit of posting an outfit each day. Even if no one in real life sees my outfit, someone reading my blog might. This has been good inspiration for the last 6 months, so I'm not sure how to explain my sudden lack of motivation.

On Tuesday, I wore a $4 dress from Savers, a belt from Goodwill, a Forever 21 necklace, and Steve Madden wedges.

11 June 2011

Summertime...and the Livin's Easy

Sometimes, I feel a little vain taking my picture every day. Especially when I also spend about thirty minutes editing my pictures and coming up with something to tell the world. It doesn't seem very hard, but I sometimes struggle with what to say. Like now, for instance.

I had a lovely day at work, most likely because I bought a great dress at the store. It's an extremely colorful vintage striped dress that I can't wait to wear. It pretty much screams SUMMER.   

On Saturday, I wore an Anne Klein shirt from Goodwill, gaucho pants from Cream Vintage, earrings from Langford Marktet, L.e.i. wedges from Walmart.

10 June 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New

I went on a little selling spree today. I took all the clothing, shoes and accessories that I didn't want anymore to Buffalo Exchange and earned $40 in credit. I walked away with new sandals and $20 in my pocket. Since they passed on a lot of items, I decided to try selling the rest of my stuff to Plato's Closet. I earned another $20 there and was feeling pretty pleased with myself, so I thought I deserved a reward. I went to Forever 21 and bought a beautiful maxi dress that left me with only $15.

Even though I didn't make too much of a profit, I'd say it was a good day of trading. I got rid of all the stuff that was taking up space in my closet and replaced it with a single item that I love. I even have a little money left over!

On a side note, I'm proud to say that I've become so comfortable in wedges that I can shop, sell and work in them for hours at a time. High five, anyone?

On Friday, I wore Gap jeans, a Banana Republic shirt, a necklace from Target, and Steve Madden wedges.