31 March 2011

Texas is Bipolar

I have been so confused by the current weather here in central Texas. Why is it 55° when I leave my apartment at 9:30 am and then up to 85° by 3 pm? Please pick a season, Texas! It takes a lot of effort to dress for two different climates in one day. Is anyone else having this problem?

I was inspired after seeing Lidi from Eclectic Flair wear this outfit. I think a little leopard print can really pull an outfit together.This is another one of my favorite leopard looks. Jessica from What I Wore is the master of mixing prints!

When I was getting dressed, I knew this skirt and top combo needed something else, but I couldn't figure out what. This thin leopard belt ended up working perfectly.

On Tuesday, I wore a cream linen shirt from Banana Republic, a thrifted maxi skirt from Goodwill, Forever 21 belt, Target necklace and Sam Edelman flats

30 March 2011

Dirty Hair Day

I've tried many different ways to battle greasy hair. I have pretty thick hair too, so it's not easy. My hair gets dry and brittle when I wash it everyday, so I try tend to only wash it every other day. But on the second day, it starts to look and feel a little dirty, especially the front part that surrounds my face. I used to use baby powder, but it was a pain in the ass trying to blend white powder into my dark hair. I also tried Psssssst, which is a dry shampoo, but it didn't work very well.

A few months ago, a student hair stylist at Avenue Five Institute ($12 hair cut—yes please!), told me about Batiste Dry Shampoo. It really works! I use Batiste a couple of times a week, so it makes sense that would I run out quickly. I knew the canister under my sink was low, but I thought I could make it until the weekend when I have time to buy another. I was wrong...

I can't stand having greasy hair touch my face, so I wanted it up and out of the way. I've been seeing this hairdo on so many blogs lately (here, here, and here), so I wanted to try it myself. It reminds me of being five years old and going to ballet class.

On Monday, I wore a GAP dress and jacket, a vintage belt from Buffalo Exchange and sandals from Bakers.

29 March 2011

Double Dressed

On Saturday, I went to San Antonio for the day with my boyfriend for one of his family member's weddings. I had such a great time that it made up for Sunday being fully devoted to catching up on homework. I even had time to squeeze in a quick lunch with my dad and step-mom and a few estate sales before the ceremony. And I didn't mean to, but almost everything I wore on Saturday was from the clothing swap during the Texas Style Council Conference. Both dresses and the belt were all swapped!

Before the wedding, I wore a swapped H&M dress, a swapped belt from Market Publique and Forever 21 sandals. This is the only picture I was able to get of this outfit, but I still wanted to include it. Doesn't my step-mom look cute?

For the wedding, I wore a swapped Liz Claiborne dress from Amanda, a Forever 21 necklace and (new!) Target wedges. I was really excited to find this dress at the swap. I can't believe it fits so perfectly!

28 March 2011


I really like this dress because it fits so perfectly, but I must admit that I bought it online after consuming a unmentionable number of drinks. It's the first time I've ever done that, so I'm definitely not this bad. Normally, I would say that there should be some sort of policy against drunk shopping, but this ended up being a great purchase. That means I have great judgment and style even when I'm inebriated! I probably won't be doing that again, though. Too risky!

On Friday, I wore a GAP dress, bought from Market Publique, a belt from Walmart, a necklace I bought on the Greek island of Mykonos, a thrifted Ralph Lauren purse, and Target flats. 

27 March 2011

Woes of a College Student Blogger

The semester is back in full swing. It's the second half, which is always harder because the due dates for final papers and projects are getting uncomfortably close. I'm working on two blogs now, this personal one and this one for class. It's hard work keeping up with both of them, plus all my other homework. It's barely the first week of maintaining both blogs and I'm already finding it difficult to do so. No need to panic, though. It's just another day in the life of a college student.

On Thursday, I wore a thrifted top from Savers, Old Navy pants and Antonio Melani flats that I haven't worn in 3 years. I'm bringing them back!

24 March 2011


I'm really excited about a blog project I was assigned in class yesterday. With two other classmates, I'll be writing a blog about the vintage clothing and thrift store industry here in Austin. This is something I've been wanting to do for awhile, but just haven't had the time. Unlike all most of the projects I have to do for school, I'm really looking forward to getting started and creating some really interesting content. It will be a great learning experience for me, as well as for our readers, because there are so many stores and shops in Austin that I have yet to discover. By the end of this semester, I'll be your go-to guide for the best vintage and thrift clothing.

This is only the second time I've worn this dress, so I didn't want to style it the same way I did last time. Turns out, I sort of did. Like last time, I topped the dress off with a little denim, but this time, I wore the dress as a skirt and added a fun necklace. This shirt is definitely one of my staple tops. You can check out another way I recently wore it here.

On Wednesday,  I wore a dress from Sassen Boutique, bought at Le Garage Sale, an Old Navy shirt, Forever 21 necklace and Sam Edelman sandals.

23 March 2011

The Wind Strikes Back

Yesterday, I woke up without the slightest idea of what to wear. Usually, I have a tentative outfit in mind, but on Tuesday I was drawing a blank. All I knew was that I wanted to wear something that I hadn't worn since before winter. I decided to think back to what I'd seen on other style blogs this past week for inspiration. I immediately thought of Laurel from Trophy Boutique, who wore shorts in a recent outfit post. I haven't worn shorts since  last summer, so I decided the time was right to wear one of my favorite pairs.

I was getting so frustrated taking these pictures yesterday afternoon. It was crazy windy all day and my hair was blowing in every possible direction. I'm so glad I wore shorts and not a dress or skirt! Somehow, I was able to get some pretty good pictures with my hair blowing in the right direction. On the other hand, this picture didn't turn out so hot.

On Tuesday, I wore a necklace, shorts, and flats from Urban Outfitter, a GAP shirt, a Cole Haan purse, which was a gift from my boyfriend's family last Christmas, with a scarf I bought in Vatican City.


22 March 2011

More Stripes, Please!

As shallow as it sounds, one of the biggest perks of attending the Texas Style Council Conference was all the free stuff I got. This shirt is one of the items I was most excited about because I really do love wearing stripes. Here's the evidence: stripes, stripes and more stripes.

The brand is stripedshirt and even though the creater, Laura Beck, started making these shirts for people to have something more flattering & fashionable to wear to support their sports teams, I think it's a pretty versatile top. I can definitely see myself wearing it in a lot of different ways. I'm already thinking about buying another color. Maybe this burnt orange and white one? You know, because I'm a Longhorn and all.

I unintentionally met Laura on the last day of the conference. She arrived to the panels on Sunday a little early, like I did, and we ended up sitting next to each other on the couch in the lobby of Ballet Austin. She was so nice, she even offered everyone who received one of her shirts (around 150!) a chance to swap it out for a different size or color. She lugged around two giant boxes full of shirts all day just for us! Thank you again, Laura, for this awesome shirt and for being so sweet.   

On Monday, I wore a stripedshirt, Old Navy pants, a necklace from Sassen Boutique, which was bought at Le Garage Sale, and Banana Republic flats.

21 March 2011

I Wear the Pants

I love wearing my favorite clothing items for the first time each season. These reliable $7 sandals have been stowed away in my closet since last summer, so I was excited to bring them out and wear them yesterday. Strangely, I was also in the mood to wear jeans. This is rare, so I decided to really get into it was a bright blouse and a scarf on my purse. After taking these photos and seeing how great they came out, I realized I want to start wearing pants more often. I'm sure it can get boring seeing me in a dress every time you visit my blog. With that being said, pants will never make me feel as girly as a dress does, but it's nice not having to hold my skirt down to avoid showing everyone my ass on windy days.

Come back tomorrow to see me wearing something other than the usual dress. My photos will feature an awesome Striped Shirt I got for free at the Texas Style Council Conference and, as promised, a pair of pants.

On Sunday, I wore a blouse from Target, GAP jeans, sandals and a purse from Forever 21, and a vintage scarf. 

20 March 2011

Spring Break's Already Over?

I'm finally back on schedule with posting my daily outfits. It's pretty obvious from my lately uninspiring posts that I've been taking it easy all week. I have had no real reasons to get dressed, so I've been throwing on my "safety" dresses. Those are my easy dresses that I always feel good in.

I wore this outfit on Saturday, the last real day before spring break ends and homework begins. Hopefully, having to get up and go to class and work will stir up some of my usual style and I'll have some great outfit posts later this week.

On Saturday, I wore a Zara dress, Forever 21 belt and Urban Outfitter flats.

Angus snuck his way into all these pictures. He loves the balcony.

19 March 2011

St. Paddy's Day

I've really gotta get back into the swing of things. All I've been doing are the things you're supposed to do on vacation: relaxing, eating, and drinking. I've been so lazy that even blogging feels like a lot of work. I don't know how I'll bring myself to do my homework tomorrow.

I decided to really get in the St. Patrick's Day spirit on Thursday by wearing the greenest things I own. Paired with my denim jacket, this outfit was perfect for going down to 6th St. to celebrate. I wouldn't normally wear this much of one color in an outfit, but holidays are always an exception. It was fun matching the green beer I drank. 

On Thursday, I wore a dress and earrings from Target, a belt from Wish, Sam Edelman sandals, and a scarf from United Colors of Benetton.


17 March 2011

Back from the Boonies

I'm finally back home after being gone for what felt like forever. And I was only gone for two days! The camping trip was great and I only sustained a few minor injuries. They were mostly bug bites and small cuts, but that's pretty much expected when you're going camping. We went on a long hike to a nearby lake, ate some pretty tasty campfire food, and all had really fun time. But after two nights, I was ready to get back into my air conditioned apartment and eat something that wasn't made over a wood fire. 

This is what I wore Wednesday afternoon after finally getting home and taking a much-needed shower. I got this dress from Jenn Cruz from Tales of a Bandit at the swap last week. Most of the items I picked up fit perfectly, including this dress. It has a great 90s vibe, so I feel like a Babysitters Club member in it.

 I'm wearing a swapped DBY Ltd. dress and American Eagle sandals.

Angus! Get outta my picture!

14 March 2011

SB 2011

I am loving spring break. It's been so easy to slip into an easy, carefree mood. I'm going to be so sad when the week ends and it's back to class and work. I'm off to go camping for two nights, so wish me good luck. I hope I come back without any major injuries. When I get back, it's time for some SXSW fun! 

This is what I wore to the clothing swap on Friday, which was the first day of the Texas Style Council Conference. I wore a top from Cream Vintage, a skirt from Goodwill, a feather charm necklace courtesy of Strut during the Texas Style Council Conference, and Sam Edelman sandals.

12 March 2011

My Version of Casual

I haven't worn pants in awhile. That's a funny statement, isn't it?

I'd wear dresses and skirts everyday if it were practical. It's been really windy lately, so I've been avoiding wearing short things. Hence, the repeat maxi skirt outfits. Nothing is more embarrassing than your skirt flying up when you're walking around campus between classes. Thursday was a busy day and it was also pretty chilly that morning, so this was the perfect outfit. 

On Thursday, I wore a shirt and pants from Old Navy, a Target scarf, Urban Outfitters flats and Forever 21 earrings.

10 March 2011

Same Old, Same Old

I've been really enjoying practicing yoga, so I decided to do something I've never done before: get up early to work out. I pretty much had to drag myself out of bed at 6 a.m., but once I had my eyes contacts in, I was pretty much awake. I couldn't stop yawning though. I usually drink coffee first thing in the morning, so it was tough skipping it, especially because I left the house before the sun had come up. I eventually stopped yawning once class started. Then, it was just sweating. It was definitely tough, but I'm so glad I did it. It really helped me get through a busy day. Now, I can sit back, relax, and enjoy Spring Break.

I should probably hide this skirt from myself. Or at least stop wearing it with this jacket. It's become my lazy outfit and that's making for boring outfit posts. I promise I'll have some great outfit posts during the weekend.

On Wednesday, I wore an Urban Outfitters skirt, a Forever 21 tank top, GAP jean jacket and Sam Edelman sandals.

My blog business cards arrived in the mail today. They look great! I can't wait to give them out this weekend at the Texas Style Council Conference. I also can't wait to meet all the people who write the blogs I read almost daily. I'm going to see so much great style and get tons of inspiration. It's going to be so fun! 

09 March 2011

Oldie but Goodie

I was so excited to wear this dress Tuesday. It's one of my favorites, but I haven't worn it since last summer. That is, until today! It was finally warm enough to go outside with bare arms and legs and still feel comfortable. I remember when I first tried this dress on, I wasn't too sure about it. Then I took it home, added a belt and voila! With this dress, a belt made all the difference because it broke up the floral pattern, essentially making me look taller.

On Tuesday, I wore a dress and necklace from Forever 21, a belt from Wish, and Sam Edelman sandals.

I have never worn this necklace with this dress before, but I really like it. My sister gave it to me last Christmas, along with a green version. I'll probably wear the other one later this week. Maybe to the Texas Style Council Conference? I can't wait to post my outfit pictures from the weekend, along with some insider blogging tips from Sunday's panels. I offered to summarize two sessions and I'm actually pretty excited about it. This is exactly the type of work I like to do: writing about fashion and style on my own blog.

08 March 2011

Cheap & Chic

Most of the clothes in my closet cost less than $40 each. Many items were closer to the $10-20 price range. There are a few exceptions, including a few dresses I splurged on (I hate you, J.Crew and Urban Outfitters) and some of my winter coats. Oh, and a few pairs of shoes...but I think that's it. 

For the most part, my style is pretty affordable. My closet is filled with good deals from places like Target, thrift stores, Forever 21, and vintage shops. I go into these stores with a specific goal in mind: to find quality clothing that fits my style for the right price. I guess it's working because HELLO, just take a peek inside my closet. It's filled to the brim.

I love when I accidently wear a whole outfit of thrifted/cheap finds. That's what happened here.

On Monday, I wore a GAP v-neck ($6), skirt from Buffalo Exchange ($10), belt from Wish ($14) and shoes from Goodwill ($10).

By the way, I bought this shirt and most of my other GAP items with my employee discount when I worked there last summer. Man, do I miss that discount.

This is a new location I'm trying for my daily outfit photos. I like it, especially because my apartment is just up these stairs. I've been getting lazy and trying to stay as close to my front door as possible. The only downside is that it's really awkward when people want to pass by and I'm in the middle of a posing in front of the camera. I wonder what they think I'm taking all these pictures for.