22 February 2011

Gotta Love Goodwill

I've been on a Goodwill kick for the past few weeks. I've always been into thrifting and buying used clothing, but I hadn't been to Goodwill in at least a year. My favorite one in Austin is on north Lamar Blvd. near Half-Price Books, which is another guilty pleasure for me. I swear, whoever decided to put those two stores in the same shopping center is a genius. 

The clothing at Goodwill is so cheap, they're basically giving it away. Of course, I only buy things that are in good condition and that I know will work with at least a few items already in my closet. On my most recent trip this past Sunday, I found two shirts, a sweater, a pair of heels and a belt for under $30. That's the cost of ONE dress and maybe some earrings at Forever 21.

This is what I wore to class and work Monday. I'm wearing a thrifted shirt from Goodwill, Old Navy pants and Sam Edelman sandals. I wanted to wear a belt with this, but realized that because I usually wear my belts on my waist, they are all too small for my hips. WTF is up with that?  


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