15 February 2011

Job Well Done, Natalie

I love ending the day feeling accomplished. I was pretty busy and on-the go all day, but I actually enjoyed it. Well, maybe not during, but I feel pretty good about myself now. I always end up getting more work done on those days like these. Go figure.

To unwind from my fast-paced day, I went to an evening yoga class and just polished off a delicious homemade breakfast taco. Potato, egg and bacon, if you're wondering. Yum.    

This outfit is the perfect example of how I try to mix vintage and thrifted items with clothes I've bought at the mall and Target. This purse was another great Goodwill find for only $7. I really love it, but I do wish it was bigger. I love gigantic bags that make me feel like Mary Poppins. 

I'm wearing a dress from Target, leggings from Old Navy, a vintage shawl from Cream, Sam Edelman sandals and a purse from Goodwill.


I've been messing with the color scheme on my blog a lot lately. Maybe you've noticed? I'd like to find something that can become my permanent design, but it's so hard to do. I want it to be a reflection of my style but that's asking a lot, especially for a person with my very limited web design capabilites.

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