23 February 2011

Tired of Gloomy Days

I wore another one of my great Goodwill finds on Tuesday. I was pretty excited when I found this sweater, but didn't think I'd have a chance to wear it until next winter. Then, it was randomly 60 degrees and cloudy and I had a reason to wear this $5 find. Even so, I'd much rather have warm 80 degree weather and bare arms and legs. I felt so covered up in this outfit. I was pretty comfortable though.

I wore a thrifted Coldwater Creek sweater from Goodwill, a tank top and jeans from GAP, and Forever 21 boots.

Seeing my outfits on the computer always make me realize how I could have made them a little better. For example, I wish I'd worn a necklace or earrings with this outfit,. Just a little something to jazz it up. I don't know why, but I never really wear jewelry to class. I always wear my watch, pearl ring from Matt and sometimes a small gold necklace, but rarely anything more. Maybe I'll start wearing some of my fun jewelry again...

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